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Taper Pipe Thread Gage Blanks

Gage Rite offers the most comprehensive selection of taper pipe thread plug and taper pipe thread ring gage blanks. Our taper pipe thread gage blanks conform to ASME B47.1-2007 Standards and are manufactured with tool steel material. All taper pipe thread ring gage blanks are stocked soft (not heat treated) but may be hardened on request. Taper pipe thread plug gage blanks, depending on the size, are inventoried either soft (not heat treated) or hard (heat treated). Gage Rite quotes specials on request to meet your requirements whenever possible.

Taper Pipe Thread Plug Gage Blanks

  • • L-1 and L-3 designs:

    1/16" - 2" hard

  • • L-1 and L-3 designs:

    2 ½" - 6" soft

  • • Turning offered on larger


  • • Handles available

Taper Pipe Thread Ring Gage Blanks

  • • L-1 and L-2 designs:
  • 1/16" - 8" soft

  • • Boring offered